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About Mayank Chaturvedi Cricket Academy (MCCA)

Mayank Chaturvedi Cricket Academy (MCCA) is one of the Bhopal's most preminent cricket academy, Established in 2013 under the guidance of Dr. Sushil Singh. Our academy has been set up with the objective of providing a finishing school for undiscovered talented young cricketers, who possess the desire to become professional cricketers, yet have not had the opportunity, so far, to further their cricketing experience in a first class environment.

Mayank Chaturvedi Memorial social welfare society came into existence in the year 2001 after the sudden demise of very young and promising cricketer of Bhopal, Mayank was not playing cricket for state and the Bhopal Division, he excelled in academic as well. He was an all-rounder in true sense Dr. Sushil Singh Thakur had played a very vital role in nurturing cricketers from Bhopal, over all these years and after the loss of Mayank, he decided to create a welfare society which would solely work for the promotion of young and talented sportsman from Bhopal an bring them a stage to perform, with this intend an vision Mayank Chaturvedi memorial cricket tournament was organized the very first time at the same venue where Mayank had taken his steps towards cricket with his team Dr. Sushil Singh Thakur organized an event which now has create a history of becoming an event of its own kind. The tournament after 11 years of continuous dedication and efforts has reached a level where numerous national talent has predicated and performed with these exposures cricketer from Bhopal have now started to perform at bigger stages and now the results are that more cricketers from Bhopal have been getting opportunities at higher level.

This year the society has decided to take a step further and provide another platform to young kids who aspire to become one of the great cricketers and play for these states and the nation and to add feather to the cap society has come up with an academy which will nurture and groom the roots of Bhopal to become the future of tomorrow, many national players with tons of experience will be a part of this coaching curriculum.


To provide best opportunities for young upcoming cricketing talent of bhopal.


Our vision is to setup a platform for young generation of Bhopal to showcase their talent. We believe that Bhopal has tremendous potential for cricket which just needs to be nurtured to make them fir for National and International Level. We strongly believe in women empowerment and hence has been putting in extra effort to enable young girls to rise and shine in Cricket.


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